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Conversations you actually care about. Just for your building, not the whole neighborhood.

Say 'hallo' to Connected Living!

Connected Living is a free chat app that makes it easy to connect to your neighbors and start a community.

Connected Living neighbor profile

Your profile is private

Only the people in your community see your profile, so it's safe to use your real name. That makes it a lot easier to tell who's talking.

Connected Living channel list

Communication is organized

If you've ever been in a group chat, you know how bad they can get. Channels let you join conversations on different topics.

Connected Living messenger apptranslated message on Connected Living

Messages are translated

Not everybody speaks the same language. Automatic translations let people participate who might not be able to in person.

QR code invitation

Join without phone numbers

Share an invite code with your neighbors to join the community instead of exchanging phone numbers.

Getting to know your neighbors used to be hard

Now you can connect to your neighbors without the hassle of getting to know them one by one.

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Find packages
magnifying glass of people receiving a package
magnifying glass of woman carrying a latter
Borrow tools

When do you need it?

Find your package

No more ringing every doorbell to find the person who has it, just message the building and ask!

Borrow the tool you need

Need a ladder? Ask your neighbors, they definitely already have one.

Get relevant advice

Rent going up? Maintenance issues? Need a recommendation? Ask your neighbors.

illustration of a man and woman talking on a couch

Getting a helping hand

Carrying something heavy? Can't open a jar? Need a house-sitter? Your neighbors will be happy to help.

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Questions? Take a look at the FAQ

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What do people say about it?

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Svea Feldmann

"Connected Living really improved our house community in various ways - we regularly let each other know about having received parcels for neighbors and borrow tools for each other. Through Connected living, we have even organized a BBQ in the yard and have gotten to know each other!"

Berlin Friedrichshain
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Mohamed Hamda

"Having a walk, having a dinner, attending a birthday party, get help and have discussions with my neighbors is possible using Connected Living"

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
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"Connected living has been great in our building. We share food almost every week, borrow stuff from each other, and it’s great for tracking packages :)
But most of all it creates a feeling of knowing each other better. Seeing a neighbor is now almost like catching up with a friend instead of running into a stranger in the building. Thanx for the app!"

Berlin Kreuzberg
pink picture frame illustrationwoman wearing sunglassesillustration of cactus

Simion Simona Maria

"Now it is easy to communicate with our neighbors and help each other out when needed."

Berlin Mitte
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Federica Coscia

"Connected Living gave me the opportunity to better know my neighbors and to connect with them! I loved the possibility of easily contact my neighbors - all together or individually - and to create a community around my building.

Huge plus: I stopped feeling guilty for my poor German thanks to the built-in translation!"

Berlin Lichtenberg
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"Coming from residences where I was always with more than 10 people, it was hard having just me living in my new flat, but thanks to the app, besides borrowing or collecting packages, I met really good people and hang out with each other"

Berlin Wedding

We're on a mission to make urban life sustainable

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Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable

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To ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

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To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all

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Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable

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Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

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Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all

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Your data is safe with us

What you share with your neighbors should be private, and we keep it that way. Protecting your data is our priority.

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