How much does it cost? Who pays for it?

Connected Living is free, now and forever.

We sometimes promote special offers and recommendations for good products and services for your household in a special channel: Smart Buys. You can of course leave that channel if you're not interested in our offers and recommendations and simply use the rest of the app.
We earn a small fee from our partners if you use one of their offers, so we can continue improving this app.

Good for your health, good for your wallet and good for the planet.
We always try out the product or service ourselves before we decide if we want to recommend it. We especially pay attention to factors like sustainability, price, health benefits and convenience. While it's not always possible to find a perfect mix among all things that matter - we try our best and we learn from our communities.

Don't hesitate to reach out with ideas for good products and services or feedback on any of the offers:

I'm the only neighbor in my community, what do I do now?

The next step is to invite your neighbors! From the app, Tap Invite a Neighbor to find out how. The easiest option is to order a Starter Kit, but if you already have the contact details of your neighbors you can send them an invite link to get the ball rolling.

Do I have to invite all my neighbors myself?

No, that would be way too hard! Install the app and we'll send you a Starter Kit with invitations - all you have to do is drop them in your neighbors' letterboxes.

What's a Starter Kit?

A Starter Kit is a pack of printed invitations that you can drop in your neighbors' letterboxes, and posters to hang in the hallway. It's the quickest, easiest way to get all your neighbors on board! Starter kits come in three sizes:

Small (20 invitations, 2 posters)

Medium (40 invitations, 4 posters)

Large (100 invitations, 6 posters)

They cost a few euros which cover materials and postage only. Or you can download a PDF in the app to print it yourself :)

Can I print my own invitations?

Yes you can! In the app, tap Invite a Neighbor and then Print at Home and follow the instructions.

What's an "Invite Code"?

An Invite Code is like the password for your community. Only people who have the code can join, and you can invite someone to join your community just by sharing the code with them.

We already have a WhatsApp/Telegram group, why should I use another app?

Connected Living is made for neighbor communities. Unlike private messengers, each new person you add to your community gets access to all channels and a directory of everyone else in the community straight away. But if another app is working for you, that's great! When it starts to limit your community, consider giving Connected Living a shot :)

How do we switch from another app to Connected Living?

The simplest way is to send an Invite Link to your existing group chat. To get an Invite Link: tap Invite a Neighbor then Share Invite Link. You can then send this link to your group to invite everyone at once.

Here's an example message you can send:

Hi! There is now a private online community for us on ConnectedLiving to replace this WhatsApp group. Unlike WhatsApp, Connected Living is made for neighbor communities. When you join, you will get access to all channels and a directory of everyone else in the community straight away! Here's the link to join:

When someone clicks the link they'll see a page with the name of your community which explains Connected Living and gives instructions on how to install the app and join the community.

I forgot my email address

It happens to the best of us. Email our friendly support or send us a message in the app and we'll be happy to help you.

I forgot my password

In the app, tap Forgot your Password? to reset your password.

Who created this app?

Connected Living is built with love in Berlin, Germany by Thunder Labs GmbH. We started as a small group of friends who want to make a difference in the world, starting with the place we live.

Want to join us in our mission to make urban life more sustainable? Contact our team and say hello!

Who has access to my data?

We take your data privacy seriously. We only ever share your data with third parties in the course of fulfilling the service you use our app for. We never share any of your data for the purposes of advertising, tracking or our own financial gain.

You can learn more about our data processing agreements on our Terms of Service page and Privacy Policy page, and you can learn about your rights on the website of the Data Protection Commission.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, at any time. Open the menu in the top-right corner and choose Delete my Account. If you have  trouble, contact our support and we can delete your account for you.

I have more questions...

We're happy to hear from you! Contact us with your questions and feedback.