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How to get started

Step 1

Register your new community

Register a community at your address. This is only visible to you and the neighbors you invite

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Step 2

Get invitation letters for your neighbors

We'll send you a poster to hang in your hallway/entrance and an individual letter for each of your neighbors

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Step 3

Invite your neighbors

Hang the poster, drop the letters in the letterboxes and watch as your community grows

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What do people say about it?

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Svea Feldmann

"Connected Living really improved our house community in various ways - we regularly let each other know about having received parcels for neighbors and borrow tools for each other. Through Connected living, we have even organized a BBQ in the yard and have gotten to know each other!"

Berlin Friedrichshain
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Mohamed Hamda

"Having a walk, having a dinner, attending a birthday party, get help and have discussions with my neighbors is possible using Connected Living"

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
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"Connected living has been great in our building. We share food almost every week, borrow stuff from each other, and it’s great for tracking packages :)
But most of all it creates a feeling of knowing each other better. Seeing a neighbor is now almost like catching up with a friend instead of running into a stranger in the building. Thanx for the app!"

Berlin Kreuzberg
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Simion Simona Maria

"Now it is easy to communicate with our neighbors and help each other out when needed."

Berlin Mitte
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Federica Coscia

"Connected Living gave me the opportunity to better know my neighbors and to connect with them! I loved the possibility of easily contact my neighbors - all together or individually - and to create a community around my building.

Huge plus: I stopped feeling guilty for my poor German thanks to the built-in translation!"

Berlin Lichtenberg
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"Coming from residences where I was always with more than 10 people, it was hard having just me living in my new flat, but thanks to the app, besides borrowing or collecting packages, I met really good people and hang out with each other"

Berlin Wedding
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What you share with your neighbors should be private, and we keep it that way. Protecting your data is our priority.

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